The 'Energy in Conflict and Emergency Relief' issue will be exploring the following questions: Energy access is a vital component of both immediate relief and of longterm rehabilitation and development interventions. How does the approach to energy delivery differ between a relief and a rehabilitation towards long term development context? How can energy access act as an entry point for relief and conflict resolution? How may it reduce or exacerbate the vulnerability of affected communities? How do communities find solutions to access energy services in extreme situation?

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Table of Contents

Theme Articles

Using emergency interventions for sustainable development: Jumpstarting the transition from woodfuels to liquid biofuels and efficient agriculture

Authors: pbringardner@gmail.com bluceno@projectgaia.com katemontgomery777@hotmail.com hstokes@projectgaia.com

Energy needs in emergency response operations: policies and best practice

Authors: vandorp@duvilla.nl

Value chains in emergencies: Firewood for Internally Displaced People

Authors: Dee Goluba

Low carbon energy and conflict: A new agenda

Authors: f.urban@ids.ac.uk Jeremy Lind

Cookstove dissemination in Haiti: Improving collaboration and information-sharing

Authors: ajgadgil@lbl.gov kayje@berkeley.edu

Ensuring safe access to appropriate household energy: The work of the World Food Programme and Women’s Refugee Commission

Authors: erinp@wrcommission.org catherine.bellamy@wfp.org

Repackaging the efficient stove as the ‘solution’ to crises in Darfur

Authors: samer.abdelnour@gmail.com

General Articles

Political ecology analysis of the sustainability of the use-patterns of firewood and charcoal in Gaoua, Burkina Faso

Authors: marcel.meyer885@gmx.de

Lighting a Billion Lives - Empowering the rural poor

Authors: debajitp@teri.res.in Jarnail Singh

Socioeconomics of Kenyan Solar Energy

Authors: kyrea.njuguna@cantab.net

Customs policy hinders eco-development: An experience from Nigeria

Authors: p.kraemer.soest@t-online.de

News Section

GIZ News

Authors: lisa.feldmann@gtz.de

Practical Action News

Authors: Lucy.Stevens@practicalaction.org.uk


Decision Tree Diagrams on Factors Affecting Choice of Fuel Strategy in Humanitarian Settings

Authors: erinp@wrcommission.org catherine.bellamy@wfp.org


Interview with Jim Jarvie, Mercy Corps Director for Climate Change, Environment and Natural Resources

Authors: jjarvie@hq.mercycorps.org

Interview of Valentine Ndibalema, Senior Environment Coordinator for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Authors: Ndibalev@unhcr.org


Case Study: Response by Daniel Walden, Kelly Hawrylyshyn and Tamara Curtis of Plan International UK

Authors: Daniel Walden, Kelly Hawrylyshyn, Tamara Curtis

Case Study: Response by Milkyas Debebe and Wubshet Tadele of Gaia Association

Authors: milkyasd@gmail.com wubess@gmail.com

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