It is becoming ever more important that energy programmes are reliable against changes in the climate. Ways of providing people access to energy whilst minimising impact on the environment and natural resources are now considered vital for sustainable development.

This edition of Boiling Point seeks to address some of the challenges in making this provision, and it presents examples of related initiatives being implemented and explored to enhance the adaptive capacity, resilience and energy security for households and communities against climate change.

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Table of Contents


Boiling Point 61 Editorial

Authors: mohamed@hedon.info lizzie@hedon.info liz.bates@virgin.net

Theme Articles

Integrating renewable energy into resilient livelihoods – Christian Aid’s experience

Authors: Richard Ewbank

Transforming household energy practices to reduce climate risks: Charcoal use in Lusaka, Zambia

Authors: aaron.atteridge@sei-international.org

Building climate resilience through community based energy security

Authors: jjarvie@hq.mercycorps.org dnicholson@dc.mercycorps.org

Enhancing resilience through energy efficiency: Experience from Tajikistan

Authors: heike.volkmer@giz.de Kambulakwao Chakanga

Role of adaptive institutions in managing bamboo resources for charcoal production - A case study in Nagaland, India

Authors: hjaise@rediffmail.com Arivudai Nambi

Low Carbon Development and Energy Access in Africa

Authors: Haruna Gujba, Yacob Mulugetta, Jabavu Nkomo, Youba Sokona

General Articles

Feasibility study: Designing, fabricating, and testing an extended surface heat plate accessory to improve biomass cookstove performance

Authors: danielzube@gmail.com Morgan.DeFoort@colostate.edu

Regulating for Clean Electricity and Heat in Poor Households: The roles of the South African Developmental State and private sector

Authors: Peet du Ploy

Development and demonstration of Pongamia Oil based lantern for lighting for rural areas

Authors: hhningasetty@gmail.com

News Section

GIZ News

Authors: monika.rammelt@giz.de

Practical Action News

Authors: teodoro.sanchez@practicalaction.org.uk Abbie Wells


Authors: Sean Bartlett


Authors: Mayda Bakri


Interview with Dan Wolf - International Lifeline Fund

Authors: lisa@lifelinefund.org

Interview with Mayte de Vries - ETC Energy

Authors: m.de.vries@etcnl.nl


The Interactive Renewable Energy Toolkit

Authors: Practical Action Consulting


Helpline: Expert response by Jeremy Stone, Climate Change and Renewable Energy Consultant

Authors: jez_stone@hotmail.com

Helpline: Expert response by Magnus Wolfe Murray, DFID

Authors: magnuswm@gmail.com

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