by Donee Alexander, Seema Patel

Issue: 67

Journal section: CaseStudies
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Received: 2015-08-26

Accepted: 2015-08-26


We are a small company that sells efficient cookstoves in Africa.
The type of cookstove we sell is a forced draft gasifier stove, which is one
of the most advanced biomass stoves developed to date. We have heard
that there is a new financing initiative for projects that introduce efficient
cookstove technologies and reduce black carbon and other short-lived
climate pollutants. We would appreciate any guidance you can provide
on how best to evaluate whether our efficient cookstoves reduce emissions
of these pollutants. We would also be interested to learn more about black
carbon, the new black carbon methodology and if there are any financial
incentives for projects demonstrating black carbon reductions.

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Tags: Improvedstoves    cookstoves    Africa   

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