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Issue: 67

Journal section: Viewpoint
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Received: 2015-08-26

Accepted: 2015-08-26


Jeff Prins is the Programme Manager at the Dutch organisation- the
DOEN Foundation. The DOEN Foundation believes that a green,
socially-inclusive and creative society is possible because the world
is full of committed entrepreneurs with sustainable, cultural and
socially-engaged initiatives. The Foundation supports people who
have the courage to take risks and put their often pioneering ideas
into practice by providing financial support and connecting them
with like-minded entrepreneurs in the sector. The DOEN Foundation
also works to combat climate change by focusing on reducing CO2
emissions through the financing of initiatives in the Netherlands as
well as initiatives focused on access to sustainable energy in India and
East Africa. Boiling Point editors talk to Jeff about the Foundation’s
work in decentralised renewable energy and the role of philanthropy
in providing much needed finance to energy access projects worldwide.

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