by Manjushree Banerjee, Rakesh Prasad

Issue: 66

Journal section: General Articles
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Received: 2015-05-05

Accepted: 2015-05-05


The focus of the dissemination process of improved cookstoves (ICS) is shifting from subsidy-driven approaches to market-driven solutions. The present paper presents the case of creating accessibility of biomass based ICS to the rural population in a hill state of India through local level entrepreneurs. Conventional rural marketing chains are able to influence purchase decision for products like ICS with no immediate visible social and economic benefit only when the awareness of the stove is created and the early buyers are able to accept ICS in their daily cooking. A well thought-out awareness strategy during the initial days is an important aspect in deciding the success level of the dissemination plan of ICS through market mode. A push through community based organisations plays an important role in awareness generation and subsequently influencing purchase decisions.

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Tags: Clean    cooking    access;    Biomass    based    improved    cookstove;    Rural    entrepreneurs;    Community    based    organisations;    Rural    marketing;    Rural    India   

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