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Issue: 65

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Received: 2015-03-31

Accepted: 2015-03-31


Shell Foundation’s (SF) report ‘Accelerating Access to Energy’, published in December 2014, outlines the independent charity’s 14 year journey to ‘create and scale new decentralised energy solutions that provide safe, reliable, and affordable power to low-income consumers in under-served areas’, one of their four core areas of focus. In this time, SF has worked with over 100 entrepreneurs and organisations developing nearly US$ 74 million in oder to meet socio-economic, health and environmental goals through innovative and cutting edge technologies and business solutions. The report, summarised in this article, analyses common features of the most viable solutions found as well as learnings from SF’s past successes and failures, and their influence on the foundation’s current strategy to improve access to energy on a global scale.

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