by Jessica Tryner, Jess W.Everett, Hong Zhang

Issue: 65

Journal section: General Articles
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Received: 2015-03-30

Accepted: 2015-03-30


The following article is a study report where briquettes were produced from peanut shells using three different methods for preparing the peanut shell material and four different devices used to compact the briquettes. Overall, the material preparation method appeared to affect briquette quality more than the compaction device. The three methods using to prepare the peanut shells were crushing and composting, grinding, and soaking and crushing. The soaking and crushing method was quicker and simpler than the other two methods and was also effective and the grinding method produced briquettes with the highest density but required specialised equipment. The four devices used to compact the briquettes were the Legacy Foundation press, a modified Legacy Foundation-style press, a scissor jack press, and a soup can press.

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