by Peet du Ploy

Trade and Industrial Policy Strategies

Issue: 61

Journal section: General Articles
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Received: 2013-01-18


There is a clear role for a developmental state to drive access to modern energy throughout the economy, but particularly for poor households. While the technological solutions are well understood, implementing them requires a policy and regulatory environment that encourages investment in these technologies by households, governments and the private sector at large. The author considers recent policy developments in South Africa which on one hand subsidises universal access to clean energy and on the other creates a regulatory environment for private supply of clean energy. A comparison of the areas in which policy has shown strong results compared to areas where policies have lagged the ambitions set for them, demonstrates how concentrated and large-scale initiatives have met with greater success that smaller-scale and household-level interventions. Addressing this is a key challenge for the country’s evolving energy policy and institutional environment.

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