by Hashim Eltayeb

Issue: 58

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Received: 2010-09-07


The ‘Darfur Efficient Cookstoves’ project operates in Al Fasher town of North Darfur, approximately 1200 km west-southwest of Khartoum. The population of Al Fasher comprises of 198,391 local residents and 29,645 internally displaced people, the majority of which earn a low income. The area suffers from desertification and drought, creating serious shortages of firewood. Conflict has contributed to energy shortages. In 2007 Practical Action launched ‘Darfur Efficient Cookstoves’ in Al Fasher town to provide modern liquefied petroleum gas stoves to replace the traditional three-stone fires, through carbon financing. The concept behind carbon finance is that individuals and companies in the industrialised world voluntarily fund greenhouse gas reductions in developing countries to compensate for their own climate change pollution. Carbon Clear Limited (a carbon management firm that helps organisations to measure and reduce their carbon impact) has provided support to enable poor households to afford the high upfront cost of liquefied petroleum gas stove sets. The stove programme is managed by locally organised women’s groups – under the supervision of the Women's Development Association Network so the project is carried out by the community for the community. So far, over 2416 stoves have been disseminated to households (January 2010), with positive results. Greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced, and reduced indoor air pollution is improving health and quality of life. It is contributing to environmental conservation by saving fuelwood and to reducing the vulnerability that women face while collecting outside of town.

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