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Measuring and surveying social and technical issues. Established in September 2008, for those engaged in the monitoring and evaluation of household energy for development.

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MandESIG specifically aims to:
  • Support information exchange, knowledge creation and help build M&E capacity among all stakeholders
  • Consolidate existing M&E resources (methodologies, techniques, best practice, reports, meetings etc.)
  • Provide a framework to increase the profile and effectiveness of existing and future M&E initiatives of key stakeholders (GVEP International, M&EED, WHO, GTZ etc)
  • Involve and learn from M&E practitioners from outside the HHE sector (health, water etc)
  • Work towards a closer integration of various M&E themes, including social development, user perspectives, technical, financial, health and emissions.


  • Communicate and deliberate via an e-mail discussion list discuss
  • Assemble an e-library of case studies and ‘best practice’ based on MandESIG members’ experiences
  • Where consensus, act as a advocacy group
  • Disseminate materials and information to inform policy-makers, private enterprise, financing bodies, and other stakeholders relevant to the goals of the SIG

Learn more about the three main topics covered by MandESIG:


While often neglected, M&E is a critical component of any project as it allows a practitioner to measure the success of an intervention, whether in technical, social, economic, environmental or political terms, so that they can learn from the indicator results to improve future work.

M&E is also critical for generating the evidence needed to convince policy-makers, donors and businesses that household energy interventions can be successful in tackling one of the major threats to public health and in overcoming a major barrier to socio-economic development. In comparison with education, or even the water or health sectors where M&E procedures are well established, the energy sector has been slow to develop M&E methodologies and has often neglected the integration of social development and user perspectives into these functions. While the need for M&E is general to all projects, the specific tools (indicators, data collection procedures, analytical methods, etc) applied must be adapted to the specific local conditions and to the needs of stakeholders.

Yet for most there remains much uncertainty about how to operationalise M&E in the energy sector. Exactly what is ‘Best Practice’ is still being defined and developed and to date shared empirical evidence of the advantages of conducting M&E has been limited. There are still many questions which have to be answered about the what, where, how and the resources one should use to do this.



See the MandESIG glossary here (under development, contributions welcomed!)


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  • A practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction.

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