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18:30 - 20:30
Wednesday 24th October 2012


The Savoy Tup
2 Savoy Street, Strand, London WC2R 0BA
<a href="https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&safe=active&ie=UTF-8&q=The+Savoy+Tup&fb=1&gl=uk&hq=The+Savoy+Tup&hnear=0x47d8a00baf21de75:0x52963a5addd52a99,London&cid=0,0,16069581586562848412&ei=lV11UM6XGYST0QWj7IG4DA&ved=0CHcQ_BIwAA" target=_blank>View on Google Maps</font></a>


Mohamed Allapitchai via <a href="mailto:mohamed@hedon.info" target=_blank>Mohamed@hedon.info</font></a>
register on <a href="http://www.linkedin.com/osview/canvas?_ch_page_id=1&_ch_panel_id=1&_ch_app_id=30&_applicationId=2000&appParams=%7B%22event%22%3A1134508%2C%22page%22%3A%22event%22%7D&_ownerId=0&completeUrlHash=57gQ" target=_blank>Linkedin</font></a> or <a href="http://www.facebook.com/events/552018171480215/" target=_blank>Facebook</font></a>.
Come join this meeting if you will be in London and would like to connect with other people working in the Household Energy sector.


The London Regional Interest Group (LondonRIG) is an informal gathering of people involved and interested in the Household Energy sector in developing countries, to share knowledge, discuss current issues and make new connections.

October LondonRIG

This month's meeting will feature a discussion on the development of new energy enterprises and exploring ways in which to better understand local energy market conditions in order to establish a sustainable business.


Neil Jeffery

RenWrld web21_0.jpg

Chief Executive Officer: <a href="http://www.renewable-world.org" target=_blank>Renewable World</font></a>

Renewable World is a charity that promotes clean energy services for poor off-grid consumers through capacity building, market enhancement and skills transfer. The technologies it covers include small-scale hydro, solar, biogas and wind. It has so far supported projects in Nicaragua, Nepal and across East Africa.
Neil has worked with poor communities in the developing world for over 20 years with particular expertise in poverty and economic development. His experience includes CEO of International Development Enterprises and Executive Director of the US Office in Colombia.

Boiling Point

There will also be an opportunity to take home the latest issue of the international practitioner's journal on household energy, '<a href="./BP%3ALatest+issue?bl=y" target=_blank<font color="666666">Boiling Point 60</font></a>'. We recommend a donation of £5 (students £3) a requested copy. Please note this will not be a barrier to anyone wishing to attend.

Presentation and photos

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  • A practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction.

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