Fuel Cell Deployment in Developed and Developing Countries" by Dr. Kerry-Ann Adamson

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Kerry-Ann is currently a Principal Analyst and Manager at Fuel Cell Today. She has over ten years experience in the fuel cell industry and specialises in transport and distributed generation applications for fuel cells. Kerry-Ann has worked with both the private and public sector on a variety of fuel cell projects, with a regional focus mainly on North America and the Rest of World region (excluding Europe and Asia). She is heavily involved with consulting activity, producing bespoke analytical reports, liaising with corporate clients, giving high profile presentations, and developing business-to-business activities.

Kerry-Ann previously worked as Deputy Editor at Fuel Cell Today and prior to this at the Technical University of Berlin, on a Marie Curie Research Fellowship. She gained a PhD from Imperial College of Science and Technology, London on the socio-economics of fuel cell technology in the transport sector, sponsored by BP. Expertise: Transport and stationary applications of fuel cells; sustainable and clean development; distributed power generation. Other Projects and Networks: Kerry-Ann sits on a number of fuel cell committees and is involved in wider fuel cell activities including the EU Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Platform and the London Hydrogen Partnership. She is a member of the Energy Institute.



Thursday the 29th of April 2010
From 18:30 to 20:30


The Carpenters Arms Pub
12 Seymour Place, Marylebone,
London, W1H 7NA
Tel: (020) 7723 1050
Directions: googlemaps

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Sponsors: Eco Ltd

Technology... leapfrogging


"Fuel Cell Deployment in Developing and Developed Countries" by Dr. Kerry-Ann Adamson from Fuel Cell Today


A Plug Power Fuel Cell UPS System Installed in India
A Plug Power Fuel Cell UPS System Installed in India

There is no technological silver bullet to the needs of developing countries for power for meeting electrical, lighting and transport needs. But there are a number of technologies that could help in the medium to long term, one of which is fuel cells. This talk will run through the basics of fuel cells and current barriers to their implementation.

Once the basics of fuels and fuel cell technology are understood, the problems are evident. However, according to Dr. Adamson ..'A problem, is an opportunity with it's back turned to you'. She will be discussing case studies from India and Southern Africa on how fuel cell technologies are currently 'leapfrogging the grid' and also entering other markets such as vaccine fridges, wildlife monitoring stations and eco-lodges. Through discussion she will also be exploring the role of aid agencies and carbon financing in promoting fuel cell technology and also the fuel-cell technology uptake time-scale.

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