Energy solutions for emergency relief interventions, Sarah Kent and Blanche Cameron from RESET

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Sarah Kent is a founder member of RESET and has recently been researching the potential for biogas in transitional settlements for an MSc. She has volunteered with NGOs in Nepal and Central America and sustains herself with writing, photography and organic gardening.

Blanche Cameron, Training Director at RESET
Blanche has been a Senior Lecturer at the Graduate School of the Environment, Centre of Alternative Technology / University of East London since 2001. She has years of training and professional experience in both designing and running community self-build projects and is a member of the AECB (Association of Environmental Conscious Builders).



Thursday the 27th of Aug 2009
From 18:30 to 20:30


The Carpenters Arms Pub
12 Seymour Place, Marylebone,
London, W1H 7NA
Tel: (020) 7723 1050
Directions: googlemaps

RSVP @ Miriam Hansen

Sponsors: Eco Ltd


"Energy solutions for emergency relief interventions" by Sarah Kent and Blanche Cameron from RESET


The main focus of this talk will be household energy and why it is important to provide local training in site on appropriate renewable technologies such as solar, wind, hydro, low fuel stoves and biogas in order to reduce dependency on diesel, kerosene and other imported fuels bearing a high financial and environmental price tag.

A woman cooking with biogas (by kind permission of the Ashden Awards)
A woman cooking with biogas (by kind permission of the Ashden Awards)

The organization

RESET is a charity and a company limited by guarantee, established in 2007 by students and alumni of the Centre for Alternative Technology in mid Wales.
RESET develops training in practical knowledge and skills for resilience and adaptation, to create a more peaceful, equitable and united world.
RESET's mission is to deliver training to increase resilience wherever it is most needed, particularly in areas facing severe climate change impacts, including humanitarian and development organisations, communities and community based organisations, commercial and academic institutions.

Further reading

Appropriate Rural Technology Institute India 2006 (ARTI): Compact digester for producing biogas from food waste

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BIOTECH, India: Management of domestic and municipal waste at source produces biogas for cooking and electricity generation

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Shaanxi Mothers China 2006: Fuel, compost and sanitation from biogas in rural China

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