Selling to the Bottom of the Pyramid: Lessons from Marketing Compost, Jonathan Rouse


Download the Selling to the Bottom of the Pyramid handout distributed at the event
Read the Guide to Marketing Compost here.

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'Jonathan Rouse'
'Jonathan Rouse'
Jonathan Rouse is based in the UK and is director of HED Consulting. He works with a range of UN, NGO and private-sector bodies planning, implementing and monitoring improved cookstove programmes. He is increasingly active in the carbon finance stove sector, working with JPM Climate Care and CQuest Capital LLC. From 2000 to 2005 Jonathan worked with the Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC), where in addition to his energy work he became involved in organic waste, livelihoods and marketing issues.



Thursday the 25th of March 2010
From 18:30 to 20:30


The Carpenters Arms Pub
12 Seymour Place, Marylebone,
London, W1H 7NA
Tel: (020) 7723 1050
Directions: googlemaps

RSVP @ Miriam Hansen


Sponsors: Eco Ltd


"Selling to the Bottom of the Pyramid: Lessons from Marketing Compost" by Jonathan Rouse from Household Energy and Development (HED) Consulting


'Marketing Compost' by Jonathan Rouse, Silke Rothenberger, Chris Zurbugg
'Marketing Compost' by Jonathan Rouse, Silke Rothenberger, Chris Zurbugg
Despite their low cost and decades of initiatives developing and promoting them, improved stoves remain a low priority for millions of potential users globally, and few are disseminated through viable business models. Commercial approaches are increasingly being recognized as a way of achieving greater scale. Applying marketing approaches (including analysing the market and competition, and careful product development, pricing and promotion) are key for success.

What has this got to do with compost? The issues of promoting compost and stoves are notably similar: both are often low-cost, under-valued products with great environmental and human benefits, but which lack ready-made markets. A recently published book on marketing compost presents the basic steps of a marketing approach in an accessible form. Jonathan will present some of the key principles and consider, with your help, whether and how these may be applied to our work of developing viable, robust stove projects and businesses based on a valued product.

This LondonRIG evening will also contribute to HEDON's thinking on marketing, and whether there is a need and demand for similar bespoke marketing resources for the household energy sector.

The event will be based on the guide to Marketing Compost.

Pictures from the evening

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