SURE-DSS (Decision Support System) tool, Judith Cherni and Isaac Dyner


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Judith Cherni
Research Interests
My current interests focus on renewable energy technology in relation to environmental protection and sustainable livelihoods of poorest rural populations in developing countries. I am particularly interested on both, how institutions and policy-makers address the issues of energy development, particularly at a time of neo-liberal policy, and developing methodologies and systems that can assist on this process. I led the design of a multi-criteria decision support system, as part of the RESURL research project, that incorporates technical and non-technical factors of energy expansion. The geographical focus of this research is Latin American and the Caribbean.
Related to the above research is my interest on the politics and economics of the electricity utilities liberalisation in the developing world with a strong focus on both, the impact of market reforms on rural and urban poverty, and on renewable energy expansion policy.
I have a continuing interest on the subject of globalisation and problems of development. I have focused on aspects such as the significance of an environmental crisis, ecological modernisation for developing countries, natural capital and economic growth, and recently looked into the globalisation, environment and poverty relation.
Personal History
I completed my PhD at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, and my postgraduate degree is from University College London. I have been working at Imperial College since 1997, initially as a research associate, as fellow research associate during 2001, and since 2002 until the present, I am fellow research lecturer. I have led international research projects of interdisciplinary teams on renewable energy technology, sustainable development, and economic and environmental policy.

Isaac Dyner
Isaac Dyner is a Professor of Operational Research at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He has been a Visiting Professor of the British Academy and academic visitor at Imperial College London, City University, London Business School, Warwick University, University of Lugano and several Latin America universities. He obtained his Ph.D from London Business School and Master of Sciences from both University of Warwick and Southampton University, UK.
He has produced over 150 research papers in the areas of energy, operational research, and system dynamics. He has presented papers extensively at international conferences on System Dynamics, OR, Simulation and Energy. He has presented a number of papers in plenary sessions at international conferences in the US and Latin America. He has published in scientific journals including, among others, Journal of Operational Research, Energy Policy, Utilities Policy, International Journal of Global Energy Issues, Futures, International Journal of Operational Research and System Dynamics Review as well as five books and three chapter in books published by Wiley, Elsevier and Risk Books. He has refereed papers for Journals such as European Journal of Operational Research, Energy policy, The Energy Journal, System Dynamics Review, the Journal of the Operational Research Society and Climate Policy. He has consulted with important international companies and government agencies in the areas of strategy, deregulation, modelling and energy.
Isaac has been the Director of the Institutes on Decision Sciences and Energy, Head of the School of Systems and Informatics and Head of the Masters and PhD Programmes in Systems at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He has also been Editor of the Energy Journal Energetica and member of the Colombian Council for Energy Research. He is member of a number of international academic and professional associations.
He has directed and co-directed more than 5 PhD theses in Europe and Colombia and has been in PhD committees, committees for PhD proposals and PhD thesis in the USA, UK, Spain and Colombia. He has directed and co-directed over 30 MSc theses in Colombia and the UK. idyner at unal.edu.co



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"SURE-DSS (Decision Support System) tool" by Judith Cherni at Imperial College and Isaac Dyner at Universidad Nacional de Colombia


The RESURL (Renewable Energy for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods) research project which promotes
clean and modern sustainable energy technology was set up by Dr Judith Cherni and Prof. Dennis
Anderson of Imperial College London taking place in two phases (08/01 to 07/04 and 08/04 to 03/06).
RESURL examined and visited remote areas of developing countries to assess the barriers that have
interfered with the expected performance of energy systems such as solar panels, diesel generators,
micro-hydro plants and wind turbines. RESURL then designed a multi-criteria methodology, called the
Sustainable Rural Energy-Decision Support System (SURE-DSS) tool, to be used to assist rural energy
decision-making. RESURL was funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID)
and was built on a partnership with the following organisations under the leadership of the Centre for
Energy Policy and Technology (ICCEPT) at Imperial College London:
  • The Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment.
  • The Central University of Las Villas, Cuba.
  • The National University of Colombia.
  • The International NGO Practical Actions Solutions for Poverty (formerly ITDG), at Peru and UK.
A specialist consultant from PREDAS-CILSS.
RESURL draws on the Sustainable Livelihoods Approach as well as using other approaches, and
learned lessons from past experiences and currently installed systems in Cuba, Colombia and Peru. It
established a set of selected criteria and informative indicators, within a multidisciplinary approach
including technical and non-technical factors addressing social, economic, human, and environmental
dimensions at the micro-level of energy use. The SURE tool has been tested and piloted in rural areas.

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