Household energy, climate change and the carbon market

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Thursday the 30th of Sep 2010
From 18:30 to 20:30


The Hoop and Toy Pub
34 Thurloe Place,
London, SW7 2HQ
Informal get together @ Directions: googlemaps

RSVP @ Miriam Hansen

Sponsors: Eco Ltd


Household Energy, Climate Change and the Carbon Market


It was a relaxed evening after the Ashden awards seminar. The Ashden awards for Sustainable Energy organizers supported us announcing the event in the morning and we were lucky to be honoured by the presence of some of the international finalists of the awards. Representatives of the ‘Gaia association’ project “Clean, safe ethanol stoves for refugee homes”, were there as well as of the ‘China, Renewable Energy Development Project (REDP)’ project “Bringing affordable, high-quality solar lighting to rural China”.

Local participants included people from organizations such as Climate Care and Carbon Aided so the issues of household energy, climate change and the carbon market were one of the topics of lively conversation. With Liz Bates, Jonathan Rouse, and Grant Ballard-Tremeer from Eco Ltd in attendance, Monitoring and Evaluation was also hotly discussed.

To get started we tried out a bit of ‘speed-dating’! Participants were divided in two groups and pared up. Each ‘couple’ had few minutes to introduce themselves to each other and thereafter brainstorm about possible ways of interaction between their organizations and ways they could potentially help each other. Immediately after, off they went to meet the next participant.

It seems that household energy affiliates are a fairly talkative crowd and it wasn’t easy to interrupt the conversations and proceed to next pairing. Although not in the orderly manner we had anticipated we nevertheless succeeded in following a sort of schedule and in the end could listen to the good ideas for cooperation that where the fruit of the exchanges.

Pictures from the evening

Attach pictures from the event here

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