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Welcome to the HEDON forums; a place to discuss key topics in the energy and cookstove sector with like-minded individuals. Previously known as SIGs (special interest groups), the forums have migrated to LinkedIn® groups. Find out how to join LinkedIn® here.

Technologies, feedstock, outputs, and challenges; aiming to connect experts, suppliers and end-users to establish projects based on best practice.
Clean Air
Cooking, lighting, smoke and pollution; connecting all those engaged in indoor air quality and household energy in developing countries.

GHG emissions reduction, sequestration, and adaptation. For those working to create a sustainable environment that benefits those living in poverty.
A private access group for NGOs focusing on delivery models in energy for development projects. Please contact us if you would like to join.

pure forum clear.png
Connects all those engaged in the productive use of renewable energy (pure), including business opportunities and income.
marketing forum clear.png
A forum to discuss and establish best practices for selling to the bottom of the pyramid; the largest, but poorest socio-economic group.

m&e forum clear.png
Measuring and surveying social and technical issues. For those engaged in the monitoring and evaluation of household energy for development.
liquid forum clear.png
Production, supply and end use of liquid fuels. Aiming to develop their position in the market through information, discussion and action.

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  • A practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction.

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