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Welcome to the online EWB-UK National Research Conference of 2010

This E-conference is now closed. To view the discussions and information shared during the conference please browse the papers below and scroll down to view a snippet of last years on-line discussions which took place.

In 2010 The Engineers Without Borders UK (EWB-UK) Research Programme for the first time was, with the help of HEDON (www.hedon.info), were able to share their annual national Research Conference with you over the internet!

The EWB-UK National Research Conference is an annual one day event designed to bring together the work and study of EWB-UK research students into the public arena for discussion and debate. The theme of the conference this year is ‘From Small Steps to Giant Leaps...putting research into practice’ and looks to highlight, discuss and outline some positive steps towards improving the dialogue between researchers and practitioners in the development and humanitarian sectors.

Last year they hosted the conference papers online here and invited participants to read them and post questions, comments and suggestions both before and after the conference day for our researchers to pick up on the day itself or continue discussions afterwards.

2010 Event:



Go to the pre-conference schedule here

The EWB-UK Research Conference is about to start and we will gather any comments submitted to the e-conference to take with us.

A schedule relating to themes and issues raised at the conference will be posted soon and will commence on Tuesday 23rd February.

List of papers

Keynote papers




Putting research into practice

Poster Briefs

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