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HEDON addresses the issues associated with household energy 'head on' and needs volunteers with all sorts of skills to help build, maintain and get the most out of our site and services. The work you do can make a real impact for those living in poverty.

Do you have knowledge and experience in any of the issues discussed in this platform? Or do you perhaps have questions which would help you understand the issues better or assist you in your work? Then, give your input! The contribution of your knowledge, thoughts, comments and questions is greatly valued and strongly encouraged.

Help make this resource better!

HEDON's content is driven by you, the members; the value in this online knowledge sharing portal comes from the practice of sharing know-how and experiences with each other. If you need any help adding your article to HEDON, don't hesitate to contact us
To keep in mind:
  • Only members can contribute and change information in the website. Membership is free, simply register here.
  • You can only make changes to pages if you are logged in. Simply click here and enter your email address and password.
  • For instructions on how to practically do things, please refer to the help section.

Here are things you can do:

  • Write a new knowledge page or refine an existing one. Have a look here to start building pages, see what's already there or contact us to discuss what's most needed. You can find a list of possible topics here
  • Post a news item or event: an interesting conference, an exciting event, a fascinating information from your own organization or just something you found that you think could be of interest for others. This helps us preparing the monthly newsletter which is sent to subscribers worldwide.
  • Submit an article to the journal BoilingPoint
  • Post new topics in the Special Interest Groups Fora
  • Translate a page or a Boiling Point article into Spanish, French or Chinese. Get in touch here
  • Feedback comments telling us about anything you would like to see improved by writing to webmaster@hedon.info.
  • Look for bugs on the website Browse the website and whenever you find a broken link, an odd page, something which is not working at all or as you expected it let us know by writing to webmaster@hedon.info. If you find a lot, make a list and send them all together.
  • Spread the word emailing some of your friends to tell them about HEDON. Try to think of people who have an interest in energy in the context of acute poverty. Search for energy practitioners such as yourself in your region, make them aware of HEDON, what it offers and how it can be useful to them. Suggest them to join.... the more we are, the greatest what we can achieve

Join us | Get involved | Support us | Services for you

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  • A practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction.

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