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Biogas technologies, feedstock, outputs, benefits and challenges; aiming to connect experts, suppliers and end-users to establish projects based on best practice.

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Biogas is generated under anaerobic conditions where microbes break down organic matter such as plant, animal and human waste by a fermentation process to produce a mixture of Methane, Carbon dioxide and other gases in trace quantities. The process delivers clean cooking fuel and nutrient rich organic fertilizer as a by-product.

The first biogas digester was put to use in Bombay in the 1850s and some rural communities, mainly in South Asia, have since adopted the technology. Where culture permits digesters can be linked to latrines providing an integrated sanitation and energy system.

At present, a new wave of research and development in Anaerobic Digestion is being driven by a global need reduce CO2 emissions coupled with the rising price of fossil fuels. Consequently there are a growing number of technologies in the market place with the potential to yield ongoing benefits. Yet the cost of basic infrastructure is still a key barrier to the use of biogas in the developing world.


  • Connect experts, manufacturers, suppliers, end-users and the curious in an energetic flow of information.
  • Facilitate an on-going discussion about biogas technologies and markets that supports the growth of a healthy biogas economy.
  • Enable collaborations between technical experts, manufacturers, suppliers, NGOs and funding bodies towards establishing projects based on best practice.


  • A practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction.

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