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Received: 2010-09-01


For the last 18 months the Shell Foundation has been developing what it calls its ‘Room to Breathe’ indoor air pollution awareness-raising campaign. The campaign aims to save lives, improve livelihoods and reduce climate change emissions through the active promotion – using Social Marketing – of methods that reduce indoor air pollution. It focuses on promoting ‘improved cook stoves’ as ‘the’ internationally-recognised most effective method for tackling indoor air pollution.

This article describes the growth of the campaign in India as a key tool within the wider tool-box that makes up the Foundation’s efforts to tackle indoor air pollution. The campaign was developed to tackle one of the key challenges independent research shows indoor air pollution-actors face: lack of awareness amongst indoor air pollution-affected households of both the negative impacts of indoor air pollution (health, environment, others) – and the potential solutions, such as improved cook stoves. Through partnerships with micro-finance institutions the campaign has subsequently expanded to tackle other major barriers to improved cook stove purchase such as affordability. This article provides some of the key conclusions and lessons learnt of a trial campaign and shows how these findings were incorporated into the design of the current awareness campaign that is still under way.

The campaign also operates on National and Global levels, lobbying key health and environment opinion-leaders with the aim of pushing indoor air pollution up agendas, in turn leading to a measurable increase in resources - both financial and other - applied to tackling indoor air pollution.

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