by Hugh Piggott

Issue: 45

Journal section: General Article
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Received: 2010-08-12


Windpower has become an important renewable energy source in recent years. Large wind turbines are the fastest expanding sector of the energy business in the industrialized world. Every year the wind turbines grow bigger, and the cost of wind-generated power grows smaller. But what about small wind turbines? They are more expensive in terms of each unit of energy that they can produce. But they have a role to play, especially for electrification of remote areas.

Windpower can supply a house with electricity. I know this because my own home is powered by the wind, and has been for over twenty years. I live in a windy location on the coast in Scotland, and I use batteries to store electrical power until I need it. In the beginning, I was very happy to have one or two little 12 volt lamps. Now our home has all modern conveniences, including TV, computer, etc… all powered by the wind. My neighbours use windpower too.

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