by Mariana Jiménez, Lukas Kahlen

Issue: 67

Journal section: General Articles
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Received: 2015-08-26

Accepted: 2015-08-26


The low economic level of Huancavelica, Peru is reflected in the poor
housing conditions in which most of its inhabitants live. This situation,
together with the harsh weather conditions (typical of the High Andes
region) and the use of inefficient and pollutant energy devices, such as
open fires for heating, negatively contribute to the living conditions of
many of the poorest households in Huancavelica. With this in mind,
a research study is conducted within the region to assess the potential
demand for technologies and (passive) house improvement measures,
which could help improve the warm comfort performance of poor
households in the area. The article summarises the main findings of
the field research study, highlighting those technologies and house
improvement measures with potential to be implemented in the region.
Additionally, it presents the main barriers for a large scale dissemination
of such improvements and suggests ideas to overcome those challenges.

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Tags: Ger    Household behaviour    Stove use monitors    Field study    Air Pollution    Heating Stoves    AlternativeEnergy,    CookingPractices    SolarCookers    fuel    Development    ClimateChange   

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021 Biogas
010 Stoves
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Chimneys 032 Heating
012 Cooking 023 Delivery models
033 Monitoring And Evaluation
Replicability And Upscaling Climate change

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