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Issue: 65

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Received: 2015-03-31

Accepted: 2015-03-31


A commentary on the Shell Foundation’s Theory of Change and lessons learnt from the report ‘Accelerating Access to Energy’ is provided in this article. The attention that the Shell Foundation has given to addressing the needs of just a few ‘pioneer’ organisations has allowed them to have a greater impact in these new commercial markets. Through this they have learnt how hard it is to create self-sustaining social businesses. How these lessons will be passed on to others that are trying to compete with the Shell Foundation’s subsidised pioneers is one of the next big challenges. The Shell Foundation has taken a holistic approach not just to the energy services addressed, but also in terms of support “across the whole energy value chain”. Too often in the past there has been an almost exclusive focus on the product itself (‘stoves’ or ‘lanterns’, etc.) and insufficient on addressing the barriers present in the entire market system. By addressing the entire value chain, and providing a range of financial instruments to enable entrepreneurs along that value chain, the market barriers have a much greater chance of being removed.

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