by Rogério Carneiro de Miranda

Issue: 65

Journal section: Viewpoint
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Received: 2015-03-30

Accepted: 2015-03-30


Rogério Carneiro de Miranda, founder of PROLENA, is from the Minas Gerais state in Brazil where in the 1990s woodstoves, more advanced that any others in Central America, were in use and where the largest fuelwood plantations in the world for charcoal production existed. Realising the value of sharing his local knowledge from Minas Gerais with the greater Central American region, in 1992 Rogério proposed to create an NGO focused on wood energy modernisation to promote cleaner and more efficient stoves and forest replacement for commercial fuelwood consumption. With help from local friends and professionals, Rogério created the NGO PROLEÑA, first in Honduras in 1994, later Nicaragua in 1997, and more recently PROLENHA in Brazil in 2011. Boiling Point Editors sit down with Rogério to talk more about his work, PROLEÑA and his advice to social enterprises aiming to build markets for improved cookstoves.

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