by David Nicholson, Emma Proud

Issue: 65

Journal section: Theme Articles
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Received: 2015-03-30

Accepted: 2015-03-30


Energy For All (E4A) was a three year market systems development (MSD) programme funded bythe European Commission. The programme sought to improve the reach and quality of distribution networks for clean energy products (solar appliances and clean cookstoves) in rural and peri-urban Timor-Leste. The programme stimulated systemic change to address two specific problems impeding a sustainable energy market: poor availability of quality, affordable alternative energy products and limited demand for alternative energy products and services. This learning study describes the key findings and lessons learnt through implementation and should serve as a guide for others attempting MSD in similar under-developed markets.

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Tags: Market    systems    development;    Clean    energy;    Last-mile    distribution;    Household    energy;    Clean-cooking;    Solar    power   

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