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Issue: 58

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Received: 2010-09-07


This article discusses the various marketing strategies adopted in an attempt to bring the StoveTec stove, an improved biomass stove, into the rural markets in South Africa. Working with an off-grid energy service company called Nuon RAPS Utility, Restio Energy and GTZ developed a marketing strategy that was suited to the company’s operations and the character of the rural market. Given the lack of precedents for improved biomass stoves in South Africa, and the energy company’s cautious interest in the product, the approach we adopted in developing an appropriate marketing strategy was broad at first and then integrated and refined into a more suitable and sustainable marketing strategy. The resultant strategy was one that is characterised by pioneering markets whereby new markets are introduced to the product through sales agents and other strategies that are light on the energy company’s resources. This was followed by a process of consolidating these markets where Nuon RAPS Utility establishes a more permanent presence in a more mature market.

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