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Article Phillipines Ricehull Stove

Stove specification:
Power Rating (estimated): 800 watts
Ricehull Consumption 1kg/hr
Construction Sheet steel
Weight 2.5kg
Dimensions - tabletop Diameter = 360mm
model as in figures 1 & 2 Height = 400mm.

To start the stove load ricehulls into hopper, preferably up to hopper brim, but ensure cavity of centre frustum is open. Load small pieces of paper, about fig in weight and 50 to 70mm in length up to a height midway up centre frustum. Drop a burning paper into centre frustum to start firing. When in operation, remove ash by periodically jiggling or manipulating spring-mounted ashpot, this action simultaneously recharges the stove with rice hulls from the hopper The stove can be reloaded while in operation.

This stove cooks rice automatically. Load enough ricehulls to fill half of the hopper; this will cook 500g of rice in 700g of water. There is no need to attend to the stove, and no further manipulation is required after the initial firing.

For further information about this stove and other technologies, contact: Agricultural Engineering Division, International Rice Research Institute. PO Box 933, 1099 Manila, Philippines.

Schematic diagram of IRRI IPA-QALAN ricehull stove
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