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Issue 51: Sharing information and communicating knowledge

This edition moves on from the theme of scaling up to one component of it that is often overlooked during the life of a project. If we know something, how do we share it? A colleague once said... [more]

Issue 50: Scaling up and comercialisation of household energy initiatives

Small projects can have a huge impact on the lives of those who are involved in them. This edition of Boiling Point looks at how these impacts can be multiplied to benefit hundreds or thousands of... [more]

Issue 49: Forest, fuel and food

We tackle one of the major problems facing humanity and, as always in Boiling Point, we try to provide positive ideas for improving the lives of people living in poverty. These include: ways to... [more]

Issue 48: Promoting household energy for poverty reduction

Improved household energy provision is of vital importance in the reduction of poverty. However, it has particular aspects that make it difficult to promote: many aspects are not profitable; many... [more]

Issue 47: Household energy and enterprise

For many people, the income that they generate comes from work done at the household level. The energy involved in these enterprises can be a substantial part of their household energy needs –... [more]

Issue 46: Household energy and the vulnerable

For those people and communities who have particular needs, access to household energy may be a major factor in their lives. This edition of Boiling Point is dedicated to looking at those problems... [more]

Issue 45: Low-cost electrification for household energy

Boiling Point usually focuses its attention on producing heat for cooking and space heating. However, the quality of people’s lives can be improved greatly by access to light, radio, TV, and small... [more]

Issue 44: Linking household energy with other development objectives

It is important to look at projects as being a way of improving the quality of life for communities rather than as technical interventions. This edition examines ways in which household energy... [more]

Issue 43: Fuel options for household energy

This issue looks at available fuel sources, and the social, environmental, economic and technical benefits and constraints of individual fuels. The way in which several fuels and technologies may... [more]

Issue 42: Household energy and the environment


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