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Issue 61: Climate Change: Adaptation, Resilience and Energy Security

It is becoming ever more important that energy programmes are reliable against changes in the climate. Ways of providing people access to energy whilst minimising impact on the environment and... [more]

Issue 60: Energy Market and Enterprise Development

The provision of energy services is key to the reduction of poverty and the achievement of other development objectives. However, for the benefits to flow continuously, the supply of services... [more]

Issue 59: Energy in Conflict and Emergency Relief

The 'Energy in Conflict and Emergency Relief' issue will be exploring the following questions: Energy access is a vital component of both immediate relief and of longterm rehabilitation and... [more]

Issue 58: Marketing

Boiling Point 58 focuses on the marketing aspects of household energy technologies & practices. The issue includes experiences from the field on both social marketing (eg. marketing aimed at a... [more]

Issue 57: Household Dynamics

In designing and implementing household energy projects, it is easy to assume that because an intervention is affordable and has been technically proven to yield benefits, it will be accepted by... [more]

Issue 56: Liquid Fuels

In recent years there has been an increasing focus on liquid fuels for domestic use as they offer the potential of reduced indoor air pollution and a more modern, user-friendly experience. Fuels... [more]

Issue 55: Monitoring and Evaluation

The theme of this edition is the effective Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of household energy projects. While often neglected, M&E is a critical component of any project as it allows a... [more]

Issue 54: Climate change and household energy

The effects of climate change on the poor and vulnerable is of increasing concern and focus of research. This issue of Boiling Point considers the impact of climate change on household energy... [more]

Issue 53: Technologies that really work

The theme of this edition is "Technologies that really work" and we are pleased to welcome Crispin Pemberton-Pigott as theme editor. Crispin is well known to many Boiling Point readers and has... [more]

Issue 52: Health, Safety and Household Energy

Boiling Point last looked at health in BP40, and much has happened since this edition. What have we learnt? What can we tell policymakers when they ask how to remove smoke from millions of... [more]

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