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Authors: Amare Egziabher, Betsy Lippman
Issue: 68
The latest news from The UN Refugee Agency.


Authors: Katherine Arnold, Corinne Hart, Amare Egziabher, Betsy Lippman
Issue: 68
The latest news from the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

Interview with Patrick Jacqueson, Senior Strategic Advisor, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation

Authors: karima@hedon.info Grace Burrows
Issue: 68
The vast majority of people effected by emergency situations rely on agriculture for their livelihood. Often working as farmers, foresters and in... [more]

Helpline: Expert Response by Mark van Dorp

Authors: Mark van Dorp
Issue: 68

SET4food guidelines on sustainable energy technologies for food utilisation in humanitarian contexts and informal settlements

Authors: Jacopo Barbieri, Marco Caniato, Emanuela Colombo
Issue: 68
The nexus between food utilisation and sustainable energy has not been fully analysed in the context of forced displacement. Humanitarian... [more]

Interview with Alima Mohamed, Refugee Leader at The Nakivale Settlement in Uganda

Authors: karima@hedon.info
Issue: 68
The Nakivale settlement is located in the Isingiro district South West Uganda. With an area of 185 km2 consisting of three zones and 79 villages,... [more]

Clean and safe energy for cooking: Ethiopian Jigjiga refugee camps

Authors: Wubshet Tadele Tsehayu, Desalegn Getaneh
Issue: 68
Gaia Association, an Ethiopian Resident Charity, was established in 2005 to introduce clean cooking technologies, particularly high performing... [more]

Moving Energy Initiative: Estimating the global energy use of forcibly displaced people

Authors: Owen Grafham, Glada Lahn, Johanna Lehne
Issue: 68
Protracted situations of displacement globally are at a crisis point and desperately in need of approaches that take long-term sustainability into... [more]

Interview with Azam Saber, Rwanda Country Representative for UNHCR

Authors: karima@hedon.info Grace Burrows
Issue: 68
Azam Saber has worked within the UN High Commissioner for
Refugees (UNHCR) since 1974, holding several positions including Head of Office in... [more]

Safe Access to Fuel and Energy: A lifeline for refugee women and girls

Authors: Megan Gerrard
Issue: 68
Millions of people displaced by crisis and conflict – primarily women and girls – risk their lives daily just to be able to cook a simple meal,... [more]

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