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The hearth - reflections on the needs of women suffering mental illness in India

Authors: Chris Underhill
Issue: 46

AIDS a threat to biomass energy conservation

Authors: Lasten Mika
Issue: 46
The regional programme on biomass energy conservation (ProBEC) is implementing a demonstration project in the rural villages of Hurungwe district,... [more]

The provision of household energy; Coping mechanisms of internally displaced people in Angola

Authors: Corinna Kreidler
Issue: 46
Angola has been devastated by decades of civil war. Several attempts failed to conclude a lasting peace agreement between the Government – formed... [more]

Energy needs in a high altitude conflict zone of India

Authors: Dr Sudhirendar Sharma
Issue: 46
Kargil, a district perched atop the Himalayan plateau, at an altitude of over three thousand metres above sea level, has turned out to be a stage... [more]

Women with disabilities - cooking, fires and smoke

Authors: Farhat Rahman
Issue: 46
Of Pakistan’s four provinces, the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) is the smallest, and specific customs in this region form an inseparable... [more]

Strengthening village and neighbourhood organisations: Safety networks for the vulnerable

Authors: Alex Bush
Issue: 46
Situated in the north of Tanzania, Kagera Region is one of the poorest in the country with income levels around 50% of the national average... [more]

Theme Editorial: Household energy and the vulnerable: The handicapped in a disadvantaged community

Authors: Paul Miller
Issue: 46

Gender dimensions in household energy

Authors: Ishara Mahat
In much of the literature, it has been argued and proved that women are the primary managers of household energy. Women collect and use firewood... [more]

The Upesi rural stoves project

Authors: Vincent Aggrey Okello
The Upesi project, supported by Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG), was initiated in 1995 to improve the living and working... [more]

Women, energy and rural energy provision

Authors: Gladys Rojas Portillo
The situation of extreme rural poverty in Bolivia, caused by the absence of productive incentives and the lack of educational opportunities and... [more]

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  • A practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction.

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