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Ashden India Renewable Energy Collective (AIREC) Cooking Energy Service Decision Support Tool

Authors: Dr Priyadarshini Karve
Issue: 69
Decisions related to investments and technology development in biomass (solid, liquid, and gaseous) and solar cooking sectors are often driven by... [more]

University of Nottingham NEWS

Authors: Charlotte Ray
Issue: 69
The Barriers to the introduction and uptake of Improved Cookstoves in East and Southern Africa: Highlighting the importance of participatory... [more]

An Interview with Scott A.Roy Co-founder and joint CEO of Whitten & Roy Partnership

Authors: kavitarai13@gmail.com Scott Roy
Issue: 69
Scott A. Roy co-founded Whitten & Roy Partnership, an international sales consultancy that helps socially minded
businesses transform their... [more]

Enablers for the value chain of improved cooking stoves through the financial mechanism of Uniones de Crédito y Ahorro in Peru

Authors: Judith Ibáñez Sánchez, Silvia Francioso
Issue: 69
This article summarises a joint initiative between MicroEnergy International and COFIDE implemented in 2015 to stimulate the market for improved... [more]

Enabling distributor financing for a demand-driven market for clean cookstoves

Authors: camilla.fulland@differgroup.com
Issue: 69
Prime Cookstoves have been marketed since 2013 taking a hands-on approach from research and development to distribution and financing. Reliant on... [more]


Authors: karima@hedon.info Katherine Arnold, Corinne Hart, Amare Egziabher, Betsy Lippman
Issue: 68

GHE News

Authors: karima@hedon.info
Issue: 68
The latest Global Household Energy News.

The Empower Project: An innovative approach to the diffusion of portable solar lanterns in rural Malwai

Authors: Arnold Juma
Issue: 68
In his book entitled ‘Selling Solar’, Miller observes that lighting is the most essential need in the home as it enables people to see between... [more]

University of Nottingham News

Authors: Charlotte Ray, Mike Clifford
Issue: 68
The latest news from the University of Nottingham 'Barriers' project.

GIZ News

Authors: Reimund Hoffmann, Anna Ingwe, Anja Rohde, Gabriele Wurster-Vihuto, Caspar Priesemann, Monika Rammelt
Issue: 68
The latest news from GIZ HERA.

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