This edition of Boiling Point includes several articles on Solar Energy. Developments in photo-voltaic technology are still of very limited use for cooking in the developing countries but may offer hope for the future. Solar water heaters can save fuel in cooking, particularly for community use and can be very simple and low cost. Opposing views are presented on the relative merits of charcoal and wood fuels and their overall fuel efficiencies.

BP24 was scheduled to have smoke pollution as its main theme, but we have received so many papers on the subject that a special issue on smoke will be published at the end of May and will be sent to all our readers. It contains Dr Kirk Smith's article on the development of stove programmes in recent times and the changing motivations of stove workers. The renewed concern with smoke pollution results from the increased understanding of the dangers to the health of women and children from biomass fuel cooking.

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Table of Contents


Solar Energy

Authors: BP Editorial Team

Theme Articles

Everybody's Solar Water Heater

Authors: Dr A Jagadeesh

The History of Photovoltaic Solar Cells

Authors: P Spinks

Cost per KWh of Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Authors: Yves Maigne

Silicon Solar Cell

Authors: reproduced from "Rural Energy"

General Articles

Simple, Communal, Hot Water Stove

Authors: Griffin Shay

Should Charcoal Fuel Stoves be promoted?

Authors: G Rossier, W Micuta

Stove Profiles - Nada Chulha

Authors: Reproduced from ITDG's "Improved Wood?, Waste?, Charcoal Burning Stoves"

More Maendeleo Stoves

Authors: Mrs G Zzioki

The economic value of trees

Authors: John Baxill

Fuelwood Stoves in Zanzibar

Authors: Rashid Said Masoud

Biomass Briquetting?

Authors: Abridged translation from "Bois de Feu et Energie"

More Charcoal by traditional methods

Authors: reproduced from ODA Newsletter

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