A few years ago, ITDG was suspicious of the concept of technology transfer. If stoves were to be popular we argued, they must be designed locally with the full participation of the users and builders, not imported from somewhere with different customs, cooking habits, climate and fuel. The Lorena's unpopularity demonstrated this. But now we are devoting a whole issue of Boiling Point to Design & Technology Transfer. So what has happened?

Wheels for lorries in Britain and bullock carts in India have to be very different but no-one needs to continue inventing the wheel. Similarly, technology transfer can speed the process of spreading improved stoves, as long as the technology is adapted in participation with the users. Several improved stove designs have been developed and successfully disseminated and can be modifiecd to suit other situations. Too many stove projects have lost too much time by laboriously tackling the same problems.

This edition of Boiling Point reports examples of such transfers and identifies some of the obstacles and pre-conditions for success. The essential factor for successful technology transfer is its adaptation to the new situation. A complete stove design is rarely transferred. More usually, no more than a design concept - a ceramic liner in a metal cladding - remains to remind you of the ancestory of an adapted stove. It may not be the technology but the method of marketing the stove, or training the producer that is transferred from country to country. Better information about successful and unsuccessful transfers and practical guidelines need to be provided to stove workers.

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Table of Contents


Technology and Design Transfer

Authors: BP Editorial Team

Theme Articles

Sri Lanka's Rural Stove Programme

Authors: Shyam Sundar

Technology Transfer - The KCJ

Authors: Kennedy Masakhwe

Improved Stove Promotion in Three Indian States

Authors: P M Sadaphal, R C Pal and Veena Joshi

A Single Pot for the Pacific

Authors: reproduced from GLOW

Limits of Technology Transfer

Authors: Jurgen Usinger

Does anyone need to design a "new" stove?

Authors: Myles Allen

Solar cooking of traditional foods in Western Africa

Authors: Hollis and Reynald Chatelain

Stove Technology Transfer

Authors: Peter Young

Training for Technology Transfer

Authors: Marco Augusto Recinos

Stove Building and Dissemination in Developing Countries

Authors: Waclaw Micuta

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