Boiling Point 58 focuses on the marketing aspects of household energy technologies & practices. The issue includes experiences from the field on both social marketing (eg. marketing aimed at a social good such as health & indoor air pollution) as well as marketing in more commercial settings.

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Table of Contents


BP58 Theme Editorial

Authors: HEDON

Theme Articles

Shell Foundation: The Room to Breathe Campaign

Authors: simon.bishop@shell.com ,Jeroen Blum, Pradeep Pursnani, Anuradha Bhavnani

The StoveTec stove: A marketing and distribution strategy

Authors: robert@restio.co.za gavin.watson@gtz.de wikus@restio.co.za

Innovative marketing & business models for rapid development of off-grid lighting markets in Africa

Authors: pavato@ifc.org Lindsay Madeira

The Preferred Stove for the Preferred woman: The Roumdé Story in Burkina Faso

Authors: andrea.reikat@gtz.de

General Articles

HEDON: Boiling Point 58: GTZ PREEEP Experience on Gender and the Rocket Mudstove in Uganda

Authors: rosette.komuhangi@gtz.de john.kuteesakwe@gtz.de Philippe Simonis

Financial and Ownership Models for Micro-hydro Schemes in Southern Africa

Authors: chandirekeram@practicalaction.org.zw

The Off-Fire Reboiling Pot: Improvement to Cooking Pot Design Contributes to Eco-protection

Authors: sinoherb@139.com

Using carbon finance to introduce LPG stoves into Northern Darfur, Sudan

Authors: Hashim Eltayeb

Energy Consumption in the Residential sector in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan

Authors: debajit@india.com Shirish Garud

News Section

GTZ News

Authors: GTZ

Practical Action News

Authors: Lucy.Stevens@practicalaction.org.uk


Marketing Toolkit: Extract from the Cooking Energy Compendium

Authors: GTZ


Interview with Nick Sireau, Founding Executive Director of SolarAid

Authors: nick@solar-aid.org

Interview with Abser Kamal, Acting Managing Director of Grameen Shakti

Authors: Abser Kamal

Interview with Ron Bills, Chairman and CEO of Envirofit

Authors: ron.bills@envirofit.org


Helpline: Expert Response from Pradeep Pursnani

Authors: Pradeep.Pursnani@shell.com

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  • A practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction.

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